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An Analysis of Operational & Productivity Efficiency of Public Sector Bank


The study is divided into five chapters-

Chapter 1:- In this chapter the analysis of the history of banking sector in India and the reason why banking come in to existence and contribution of banking sector in the economy is done.

Chapter 2:- In this chapter the scope of the study and what are the objective of the study and Limitation of the study and why this research s done has been defined.

Chapter 3:- In this chapter the operational analysis of the five major public sector banks with parameters like interest earned, total income, return on assets, return on equity and capital adequacy ratio is done.

Chapter 4:- In this chapter productivity analysis of the five major public sector banks with the parameters like business per employee and profit per employee is done.

Chapter 5:- In this chapter I defined the result of my study and the findings which are found from the study


Impact of Foreign Institutional Investors on Indian Stock Market

Abstract :

FII is defined as an institution organized outside of India for the purpose of making investments into the Indian securities market under the regulations prescribed by SEBI.

 ‘FII’ include “Overseas pension funds, mutual funds, investment trust, asset management company, nominee company, bank, institutional portfolio manager, university funds, endowments, foundations, charitable trusts, charitable societies, a trustee or power of attorney holder incorporated or established outside India proposing to make proprietary investments or investments on behalf of a broad-based fund. FIIs can invest their own funds as well as invest on behalf of their overseas clients registered as such with SEBI. These client accounts that the FII manages are known as ‘sub-accounts’. A domestic portfolio manager can also register itself as an FII to manage the. funds of sub-accounts.


•   To study the scope and trading mechanism of Foreign Institutional investors in India.

•   To find the relationship between the FIIs equity investment pattern and Indian stock indices.

•   To analyze the impact of FIIs equity investment on specific industrial sector (FMCG, Consumer Durables, Auto, Banking, Real Estate) indices.

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General Discussion / Welcome to
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Hi All,

We welcome you all to our new forum which is specially made for MBA students and aspirants. If you need any help regarding anything do let us know through your comments or creating new help thread in General discussion category.

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Finance Projects / Risk Analysis Project
« on: July 17, 2013, 07:00:10 AM »
Project report on Risk Analysis

Risk management is the decision making process involving considerations of political, social, economics & engineering factors with relevant risk assessment relating to a potential hazard so as to develop analyze & compare regulatory options & to select the optimal regulatory response for safety from that hazard.

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Dissertation report on Performance Appraisal at Hindustan coca-cola beverage pvt. Ltd

In this report, the research have studied & evaluated the performance appraisal process as it is carried out in the company.

The first section of my report deals with a detailed company profile. It includes the company’s history: its activities and operations, organizational structure, etc. this section attempts to give detailed information about the company and the nature of its functioning.

The second section deals with performance appraisal. In this section, a brief conceptual explanation to performance appraisal is presented. It contains the definition, process and significance of performance appraisal.

The third section deals with the process of performance appraisal at HCCBPL. This chapter is followed by data analysis and interpretation, findings, conclusions, suggestions and feedback.

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Project Ideas for International Business

Below are some ideas related to International Business projects.

1. WTO and India
2. A study on Cross Cultural Practices of select MNCs in India
3. FX Dealer room strategies : A study on select Banks/Forex Dealers in Mumbai City
4. Study on Operational and Practical dimensions of GDR and ADR issues of Indian Companies
5. Marketing Strategies of Large Multinational Automobile Unit in ABC City.

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Hi All,

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Performance Appraisal System at ACME Tele Power Ltd.


The topic chosen Performance appraisal was aimed for the betterment of
the organization in terms of quality as well as quantity. The scope of the study
under mentioned points depicts the same.

1.  To increase the productivity by increasing the level of performance.
2.  The programme would help the organization in meeting it future personal need.
3.  The programme will help the employee in their personal group by improving their knowledge as well as skill.

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Introductions / Introduce Yourself
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Hi All,

As you are new to this MBA forum, its time to make some new friends and tell something about yourself and your interest, so in this section please introduce yourself here.


Marketing Projects / Bharti Airtel Marketing Strategies
« on: July 07, 2013, 05:41:33 PM »
Bharti Airtel Marketing Strategies

Objective of this study are :

1. What marketing strategies the Airtel is implementing to defend and increase the market share.

2. To find who are the competitors of the Airtel and the market shares of the competitors and what strategies Airtel is implementing to beat its competitors.

3. To find out how Airtel react to the technology changes in the communications sector.

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Finance Projects / Working Capital Management on Kotak Mahindra
« on: July 05, 2013, 04:20:19 PM »
Working Capital Management on Kotak Mahindra

Abstract: This is MBA report on working capital management on Kotak Mahindra and covers scope of the project, objectives, methodology etc. The paper begins by analyzing the current scenario in the industry characterized by problems with distribution, low investor awareness and concentration of corporate investors. In the next section, a comparison of the Mutual Fund Industry with global standards reveals that the industry still compares unfavorably with developed countries in terms of penetration, investor awareness and diversity of products and the extent of use of risk management techniques.

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