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Human Resource Management
1.   Role of HR Planning in Retention of Employees
2.   An Overview Of Hr Processes & Attrition Analysis
3.   Hr Policies And Its Implementation
4.   Hr Policies And Practices
5.   Study Of Recruitment Practices
6.   Competency Mapping
7.   Job Analysis
8.   Corporate alumni program
9.   Study Of Quality Of Work Life
10.   Employees Job Satisfaction
11.   Training & Development
12.   Employee Relationship and Benefit Administration
13.   Human Resource Development
14.   Performance Appraisal Systems
15.   Knowledge Management
16.   A Study On The Motivational Strategies
17.   Identification Of Training Needs Of Employees
18.   Stress Management of employees
19.   Recruiting & Selection
20.   Absenteeism
21.   Employee Safety & Measures
22.   Labor Welfare Measures
23.   Employee Welfare
24.   Compensation Management
25.   Employee-Engagement
26.   Industrial Relation Unions
27.   Employee grievance
28.   Leadership
29.   Work Life Balance
30.   Employee Relationship
31.   Organizational Climate
32.   Workers’ Participation
33.   Employer Branding
34.   Employee-Communication-Effectiveness
35.   Human Resource Information System
36.   A study on job satisfaction of employees in an organization
37.   Employees’ satisfaction towards their job in an organization
38.   Design and development of training information system
39.   A study on the safety and welfare measures provided to the employees at Essen Industries.
40.   A Study on the effectiveness of existing Performance Appraisal System in an Organization
41.   A study on effectiveness of training program in an organization
42.   A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal in employees of selected company
43.   A study of  labor welfare measures in an organization
44.   A study on job satisfaction of employees in an organization
45.   Study on absenteeism of workmen in an organization

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Marketing Projects / MBA Project titles Job oriented
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1.   A Study On Customer Relationship Management
2.   A Study On Customer Feedback
3.   A Study On Analysis Of The Customer Satisfaction Level Towards
4.   A Study On Dealers’ Attitude And Consumers’ Preference
5.   Marketing Techniques
6.   Advertisement Management
7.   A Study On The Consumer Perception Of Selected Cars In Particular Region
8.   Brand Awareness
9.    Alternative Channels Of Distribution
10.    Dealer Perception towards Selected Company
11.     Sales And Promotion
12.   Web Advertising And Marketing
13.   A Study On Customer Perception Towards Hero Honda Bike
14.   Comparison Between Samsung And Other Consumer Durable Brands
15.   Marketing Mix
16.   Online Advertisement Management
17.   Comparative Study On Brand Loyalty
18.   Impact of promotional activities on consumers behavior at retail outlets
19.   Customer buying behavior towards insurance products
20.   Impact of small car introduction on two wheeler industry
21.   Strategies of online advertising.
22.     Comparative analysis of Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing
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