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MBA project on Participative Management of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Participative (or participatory) management, otherwise called worker involvement or participative deciding, encourages the involvement of stakeholders in any respect levels of a company within the analysis of issues, development of ways, and implementation of solutions.

Employees are invited to share within the decision-making method of the firm by taking part in activities like setting goals, decisive work schedules, and creating suggestions. different sorts of participative management embrace increasing the responsibility of workers (job enrichment); forming self-managed groups, quality circles, or quality-of-work-life committees; and soliciting survey feedback. Participative management, however, involves over permitting workers to require half in creating choices.

Participative management enables organizations to improve performance through a fast, an economical method called the participative design workshop. It clearly states that the design principle underlying the work is a participative method that has clear goals and simple tools for work process improvement.

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